Lux toilet soap - JOAN FONTAINE - ad 1956. A beautiful colored picture of Joan Fontaine, actress,  beauty, one of Hollywoods greatest stars.

Ladies Home Journal: 1950 vintage Lux ad with Barbara Hale.

Debbie Reynolds for 1950s LUX ad.

Art Frahm (1907–1981) was an American painter of campy pin-up girls and advertising. Frahm lived in Chicago, and was active from the 1940s to 1960s. Frahm was commercially successful.Many of his works were outstanding examples of the glamour genre. His perfectly coifed, daring décolletage dressed beauties glowed in the midst of romantic soft settings.

Norwegian film actress Aud Egede Nissen (1893 - 1974) was a star of the German silent cinema. In the 1910’s, she produced dozens of her own films. In the 1930’s she returned to Norway, where she appeared in some films and acted mainly on stage.

Maly Delschaft (1898 – 1995) began her career in the theatre and then became a star in the German silent cinema. During the Nazi era, she appeared mainly in supporting roles. After the Second World War, she worked in East Germany for the state-controlled DEFA studio.

German actress and dancer Rita Sacchetto (1879 - 1959) was in the 1910’s a star of the Danish Nordisk Film Company.

Sammy Davis Jnr. in his home in Beverly Hills, 1986. Portrait by Allan Warren.

Marlene Dietrich appeared  on the Titania-Palast, Berlin in 1960. With an armful of lilacs she presented herself to the photographer.

Rheineck, now Walther-Schreiber-Platz, Berlin, 1955.

Innsbrucker Platz, Berlin, 1953.